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Shine A Light Coaching, LLC

Elise Touchette  | www.ShineALightCoaching.com  |  Elise@SALCoaching.com  |  ph: 206-909-2117

Uncovering who your really are so you can get the most out of your college experience.

When you know who you really are you can more easily identify your unique learning, studying and test taking style.  You are able to better relate to your roommates, classmates, friends and professors. 

All of this allows you to make the adjustments you need to successfully find your way through the college experience.

I can help you uncover all of this.

College and beyond.

This isn’t just about who you are in college.  It’s about who you are in life.  You’ll be able to use what you learn from your coaching sessions to help you choose a major and eventually choose a career. 

Once you are out on the real world, you’ll be able to use what you learn to help you make decisions and changes in your life to maximize your career satisfaction and general happiness.

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Myers-Briggs Coaching for College Students

Besides uncovering who you really are (where you get your energy from, how you

take in information, how you make decisions and how you arrange your life) you’ll also get

these nifty things:

Online Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment

Introduction to Type in College booklet - TONS of valuable information, including:

  -Choosing a major

  -Your natural learning style

  -Your innate reading, writing and studying style

  -How you like to have fun

  -Possible causes of stress

  -Dealing with stress

3 coaching sessions

  -ONE 2-hour Myers-Briggs Discovery coaching session

  -TWO 90-minute coaching session to help you integrate your type into your life

Investment:  $750    

It is FREE to take the assessment but you need to schedule a coaching session to review your results.  See what your options are for MBTI Packages below.